Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inception - Review

One of the movies that is bound to keep you dreaming oops thinking. If you are planning to watch it do it quickly. This is bound to be regarded as the classics. Comparisons of this movie to that of matrix is quite natural,  and since this one has come a good 10 years after matrix if it has to make a mark then its got to raise the levels of matrix atleast 10 times and Inception does that. Inception is good in terms of originality, action, special effects,  acting and screenplay.

Inception is one of the best movies I have seen in the past one year, and ranks among the best movies I have seen over the last few years. Its a kind of movie which would make you see it again and again just like matrix.

Matrix took you into a virtual world and do things that are not imaginable in real life and Inception takes into the dreams world where others can extract your deep secrets.

Story: Dicaprio is an extractor, adept at infiltrating into a person's mind to access his most secret and valuable ideas. Technology is so advanced that people can share other people’s dreams and together be in the same dream world. Now DiCaprio is faced with the task of not extracting but planting a dream into a person's mind. To make the story all the more interesting, to plant a dream into his victim's mind he has to get into the dream world in the dream world, this upto a level of 5 levels where you have the added risk of permanently going into dreams forever. Will he be able to come out of it or permanently lost in each others dreams.

DiCaprio is at his best. After titanic he has been choosing movies which are one better than the other. Be it Blood Diamond, Shutter island or Inception.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink Panther 2

3.5 stars

Pink Panther is a nice comedy movie. There is nothing special in the movie, yet it makes a good impact. The surprise element is ofcourse the role of Aishwarya Rai. I had been to this movie without any hopes yet I was pleasently surprised. This movie is like a old fashioned comedy movie. Also I had expected the role of aish would be very small, yet in the movie of pink panther, her role is quite significant. Overall the movie I felt like I was watching some detective comedy TV serial. The quality is only that good. For having a good time you can go an watch this one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oscars to slumdog millionare

slumdog received many oscars. This is a proud moment for the country with two indians receiving oscars. Rehman has composed many good music but undoubtably this is the great exposure he has got in the west. The first opportunity he has got and grabbed it in both hands. Today, there was even another news saying that the USA's president obama wanted to watch the movie slumdog. Now is that a proud moment for India.

Projecting some country as a poor nation is that good for the country. Most of the artists, actors etc involved in making the movie are from the same country yet, you project to the world only the bad things. Ofcourse, if you do this you get a lot of attention. But such an attention is only good for a short term, on a long run this will certainly have a bad affect.

However, I like the idea of Oscars where they give an award to a foreign movie. Many movies of different countries participate in that and try to win a award. In the entire process the country hosting it makes money and all you give is just an award / recognition. Thats how you attract business to a country. And our country like always falls for it and goes ga ga over it. This time only because its directed by a foreign director got many nomination in different categories and got many oscars. But is that really requried for us. Cant we concentrate on the Indian market. Why is it that filmfare never thought of introducing a foreign film category.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ghajini - Aamir Khan has done a wonderful role in this. Getting into the gym and coming up with an 8 pack closely following his rival Shah rukh. Shah rukh's role actually didnt require him getting a 6 pack but aamir role in ghajini required the same it he looks really good with it.

The movie is a remake of a tamil movie. I had seen the same in Telugu. Even this one was good. But the one in Hindi is better. Ofcourse in tamil it was new movie and in hindi he just had to make a few modifications with a proven concept, so it was easier for him. Anyways, the change in climax i.e. removing the double role of the villan and changing the story to pure revenge is a good change.

The eye

One of the movies I watched recently. The Eye. I watched it specifically for jessica alba.

The movie isnt much intresting. I felt, it is a story that is streched too far. It is a story about a girl who has lost her sight in childhood due to an accident. She gets an eye replacement after a 15 years. Along with the eye she also gets the ability to see dead people.

The screenplay is quite good which allows to continue watchin it. Probably I watched it completly because of abla otherwise I would have stopped watching it mid-way. Anyway I wouldnt recommend anybody to watch it. Rest left to u ;)